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#seenonmybike - some things I've seen while riding around Sacramento

The #seenonmybike is a derivative of the ahem 'famous' #seenonmyrun tag, and I thought I'd take this moment to share a few sights from my rides around town. I'm not a serious cyclist, I stop, I take pictures, sometimes I will double back when I see things like a giraffe or weird graffiti. These are things that are interesting to me. Enjoy these images from my world! This is a homeless camp alongside the Sacramento River. As the weather gets colder, these tents have become less and less commonplace. The memorial is heartbreaking but hopeful. Just a fisherman Cyclists and vegans take note! You cyclists, they have a pump there and let you bring in your bike! Useful if you don't have a lock with you! If you are a vegan, they have vegan donuts !. This is near Miller Park. The sign warns people that killing or injuring cats is a crime. To the left though you can barely make it out, are ramshackle beds for the strays that live here. I've ofte

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