Saturday, July 16, 2011

California State Fair $100 Challenge

$100 dollars to ride a bike a few feet? One try for $3 or three tries for $5? Sounds good to me! I spotted this ride/attraction at the California State Fair on opening day Thursday and wanted to share with my fellow cyclists. Think you can do it? There is a small catch! The handlebars are 'backwards' and work in reverse. If you turn right, the forks turn left, and vice versa. Of course the trained carnie can do it in his sleep, but could you? We've been hardwired from childhood left is left and right is right (well most of us!) Could we unlearn that in a few seconds and walk away with a hundred bucks? Would we need a lot of practice? If you click on the image you'll notice a strange box right above the headset, I suspect it contains a type of differential or gear box.
Could any of you build one of these?
Are you attending the California State Fair in Sacramento?
Let's hear your theories on how you'd win that money!
I'm also going to use this opportunity to shamelessly promote myself on Google Plus !