Sunday, June 27, 2010

Western States 100 Coverage

I've compiled a quick list of Western States 100 race coverage so bookmark this page and come back!
At the time of this posting there are still runners on the course in pursuit of the coveted belt buckles. I'm sending prayers to each and every one of them that they meet their goals, belt buckle or not!

Great write up in the Roseville Press Tribune

Awesome gallery at the Sacramento Bee site

Profile of an runner from the Tahoe Tribune

Twitter of course has tons of real time coverage from people on the course, following the race and actually working as volunteers.
Click on the link on the hashtag #WS100  to see all the tweets related to the race.
Twitter user and fellow runner @chmpgnepolitics took this photo at the finish line!

There's a Ustream page dedicated to the finish, you can pretend you are there!

I will attempt to insert the code here, if you don't see it try the link above.
Live Broadcasting by Ustream

Friday, June 25, 2010

Truth In Advertising + Western States Article

- Ever notice how many races advertise their courses as "flat and fast" when in reality, they are not? Sure, there's a lot of wiggle room since both flat and fast are subjective terms but let's not take things too far!
This morning I received an email from the race organization of a 10k I ran last summer.
The course claims the course is "smooth enough for strollers" when in fact last year's route meandered through an industrial park, through a parking lot, then up a steep almost foot tall curb, then dropped down into a rock filled trail ! A fun course to run, not so fun for stroller runners!
In fairness to the race director, the current route might be different but because the resolution of the map is poor I can't really tell.

- Sam McManis has a great article on the Western States 100 runners and their eating/fueling strategies.

I was going to go cheer them on but have a vegan dinner to attend and the finishers will be in Auburn way past our little one's bed times. Maybe next year?

I leave you with a photo of my at work trail which I haven't seen now in at least a month ! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Knees Update

Quick update - knee is still swollen, posting this to email my doctor!

First shot  was taken on the 13th, and the bottom one is a shot from this morning.
Sorry about the uneven tan :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Run Sacramento + Things I Miss About Running

Some odds and ends out of the way first :

1)I'm really going to miss Sam McManis's  Run, Sacramento blog on the Sacramento Bee, he was/is a great writer and very involved in Northern California. His contributions to the running community will be missed (at least via this mode as I hope he'll continue to write elsewhere!)

2) We finally got our daughter's T Shirt! The Veggie Chase director sent it in, so if you haven't please contact him and we'll see you all there next year!

3) Moving on to me and my knee - (Warning: Griping ahead) I still haven't run, heck I still haven't even been able to WALK without limping. I know it will heal eventually but it's tough. So much goes through my head - let me throw some stuff out there, these are things that I think about throughout my day.

I miss getting stuff ready the night before to go on a run. I miss wearing my Garmin, and the feeling of being half awake at the beginning of a pre-dawn run then feeling completely alive on the way home.
I hate not being able to run around and play with my kids. I tell myself "other people are so much worse off!", it doesn't make me feel better. I wonder if maybe I'm not cut out for long distances, I worry that I will not be able to run again, I beat myself up for running too long or too fast, I alternately curse and thank my doctor, I listen to music and wish I were listening to it on a run, I log into dailymile and find I have nothing to say..and then I know that there are others out there and at the end, just like reluctantly running when the body says "just sleep in" I have to get up and face the day. I can't wallow in this stuff, but it's still difficult to avoid. I ice my knee, I take my medication, I find myself staying awake later without a care.In my head I yell at people who don't run "You CAN get out there, you aren't injured, get off your rear!"

More than anything I miss the FREEDOM of running. I miss having that choice, I enjoy seeing things I don't normally see if I am not running. Workers loading pallets onto semi- trucks, EMTs and police on breaks, street people sleeping, wildlife, weather, the elements themselves.  Its' not the same when I am behind the wheel or looking out a window. If you are injured - I feel your pain! If you aren't, get out there and run already!

This song has nothing to do with running, but I've been listening to this CD non stop. Enjoy!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Verdict : Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

I  keep staring at the screen trying to type a nice witty, pithy, "hey things are bad but it will get better!" pick me up line but I can't.  I returned from my doctor and was told I'm to not run for at least 2 weeks, and to take medication to stop the swelling. Nothing is broken, nothing is damaged permanently, but I am to take it easy while I heal. I can swim and bike, but that's about it. So now my training is derailed officially and  my goal of "Running a strong SF Marathon" changes to "Avoid a DNF in the SF Marathon" or even "walk/run the SFM". I'm also saying good bye to scaling half dome, which honestly would have been a bit much even at 100%, but still it's a dream I will hold on to. I love Yosemite and anytime I am there, I feel awe, joy, and wonder. The big rock will have to wait! My doctor was actually pretty cool about the whole ordeal. When I hestitantly asked him "you aren't going to ask me to stop running right?" he laughed and pointed out that aside from the puffy knee, my blood pressure, weight, etc. were great and that I was (in his words) "in great shape" this made me smile!
A PS to the Women's Race I mentioned below: My girls did great! Both mom and grandma kicked butt, and the post race snack line line was a bit too long. I think she's doing a race review here or elsewhere. I got to meet my twitter friend Layla and we discussed flatland/mountain  running techniques and defying the medical community (childhood doctors told her she couldn't run, she's obviously proving them wrong!). The flatland mountain training? Running in parking garages. Clever! Why'd I never think of that? If When I get better, I'm going to give that a shot! I learn the best stuff from other runners online, you guys all rule!

A short entry for now, thanks for reading and thanks to all my friends for the well wishes! In the big picture, this is not a big deal. I will run again, and I will overcome this obstacle as well.Overpower, overcome!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Sacramento Fleet Feet Sports' Women's Fitness Festival

The Sacramento Fleet Feet Sports' Women's Fitness Festival benefits WEAVE, Sacramento’s primary provider of domestic violence and sexual assault services. Great beneficiary, great time of year to go running, a well organized race, and fast becoming a Sacramento staple. This 5k winds around the State Capitol and is a great summer race for Northern California women.
I'm posting this to wish every runner good luck and also to give a big "way to go!" to both my wife and my mom in law who are making this their 2nd year of participation!

That being said, dear  readers/fellow tweeps (I feel dirty typing that you know) daily mile denizens, etc. :
What do YOU think of all women events?
We belong to a gym that used to have an all women's section (which I thought was great, I am a father, a son, and a husband and believe that sometimes it's nice for women to have a section all to themselves) yet somehow the gym was forced to make it a 'co-ed' section, which doesn't really make sense to me.
On the other hand, some might say that having an all women's event sorta goes against the point Kathrine Switzer was making when she blazed onto the Boston Marathon on that fateful day in 1967.
Are all women's event's discriminatory? Are they a non-issue?

Lastly - what makes this last year's participant/bandit such a special snowflake that he went ahead and ran ? Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Injury - Day 3 Of No Running

So along with my goal of running the San Francisco Marathon, I had also planned on scaling half dome with my wife for my birthday this August. She had the great idea of having us practice on the rock wall at our gym, and it was/is a great idea! We went there - I was able to get half way up, she got all the way to the top, and an 11 year old girl scrambled up and down before we knew what the heck was going on.
I felt my IT band or knee or something feel a bit 'off' when I came down but didn't think much of it. Did 14 miles on Sunday felt spent but ok, then after a 4 mile recovery run on Monday - realized something was up and began spending a lot of time on the foam roller. This morning I realized my right knee was swollen, iced it, took ibuprofen and am now biding my time as it heals and hoping for the best.

These are the times when my patience is tested the most, the times when I question myself and think "is this really for me?" I can't tell what was at fault, the rock wall or the long run or my training or what.. I only know that I'm going to scale back my training till I heal and keep moving onwards. I feel like I will whine to anyone who will listen, but only a few folks really understand what it's like to invest in training and then have it come to a halt. It's a lot like driving in the fog, you know eventually you will exit - but you don't know exactly when.
I'll keep waiting, keep hoping, and try and keep my PMA. I was, no, I AM so proud of my training so far I know that I will heal and it's just a matter of time.