Friday, June 25, 2010

Truth In Advertising + Western States Article

- Ever notice how many races advertise their courses as "flat and fast" when in reality, they are not? Sure, there's a lot of wiggle room since both flat and fast are subjective terms but let's not take things too far!
This morning I received an email from the race organization of a 10k I ran last summer.
The course claims the course is "smooth enough for strollers" when in fact last year's route meandered through an industrial park, through a parking lot, then up a steep almost foot tall curb, then dropped down into a rock filled trail ! A fun course to run, not so fun for stroller runners!
In fairness to the race director, the current route might be different but because the resolution of the map is poor I can't really tell.

- Sam McManis has a great article on the Western States 100 runners and their eating/fueling strategies.

I was going to go cheer them on but have a vegan dinner to attend and the finishers will be in Auburn way past our little one's bed times. Maybe next year?

I leave you with a photo of my at work trail which I haven't seen now in at least a month ! Happy Friday!


  1. Same course if you are talking about the Folsom race we ran last year.

  2. ha! those people are going to be bummed once they hit those boulders. I was so glad I wasn't pushing a stroller that day.

  3. Thanks for sharing that article; very interesting!!