Thursday, June 3, 2010

Injury - Day 3 Of No Running

So along with my goal of running the San Francisco Marathon, I had also planned on scaling half dome with my wife for my birthday this August. She had the great idea of having us practice on the rock wall at our gym, and it was/is a great idea! We went there - I was able to get half way up, she got all the way to the top, and an 11 year old girl scrambled up and down before we knew what the heck was going on.
I felt my IT band or knee or something feel a bit 'off' when I came down but didn't think much of it. Did 14 miles on Sunday felt spent but ok, then after a 4 mile recovery run on Monday - realized something was up and began spending a lot of time on the foam roller. This morning I realized my right knee was swollen, iced it, took ibuprofen and am now biding my time as it heals and hoping for the best.

These are the times when my patience is tested the most, the times when I question myself and think "is this really for me?" I can't tell what was at fault, the rock wall or the long run or my training or what.. I only know that I'm going to scale back my training till I heal and keep moving onwards. I feel like I will whine to anyone who will listen, but only a few folks really understand what it's like to invest in training and then have it come to a halt. It's a lot like driving in the fog, you know eventually you will exit - but you don't know exactly when.
I'll keep waiting, keep hoping, and try and keep my PMA. I was, no, I AM so proud of my training so far I know that I will heal and it's just a matter of time.


  1. You're awesome! Just keep looking forward to the pain-free runs in your future. You will ROCK at everything you do. LOL @ the 11 year old girl, how do they do that? Like without effort and everything! Ridiculousness.

  2. I constantly freak out that I will never be able to run again. Or that I'm not really a runner anymore. :(

  3. I totally understand where your coming from. I'm always paranoid that the little aches and pains will turn into a full blown injury hence the regular visits to my PT. Hang in there.

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