Monday, February 22, 2010

Zpizza w/ Daiya Cheese Review

Adventures in eating! Here is my review of Zpizza in Roseville, CA after a run. I've had Daiya cheese previously and as far as vegan 'cheese' goes, it's the best stuff out there. It melts, it has a nice flavor to it, and it doesn't make me feel sluggish and awful afterward. The only disadvantage is that a home oven can't get the temperatures that a pizza oven can.When my wife found out that Zpizza offered vegan pies, I jumped at the chance to gobble one down.
We ate there on Valentine's Day so when I got there I asked the girl "have you been busy?" she replied "not at all! It's been very slow" yet when I went to get a fountain drink I realized they were all out of the "lemonade".
I asked the girl behind the counter and she sorta shrugged "Yeah, we're out" Not "oh sorry! We'll fix that!" or anything. I got the same attitude when I told her that the lightbulb was out "Yeah,the bulb is broken"Oh really?

Anyways - /vent - the pizza pie was actually delicious! I'm a fan of thicker crusts, and don't like New York Style pizzas. Goofy floppy pizza with soggy centers? BARF. Give me a nice thick crust!
You want a great crust? Check out La Trattoria in Sacramento A+++ crust - the only one better is here in West Sacramento where I live (because my wife is an amazing cook) but I digress!
The pizza we ordered had pineapples and 'burger crumbles' . The burger crumbles were very sparse. I'm not sure if this is because they ran low on them or if this amount is standard. They had a decent amount of pineapples. With the coupon we found online, the pie was a decent price, otherwise it would be a bit pricey.
The sauce was delicious, very fresh! They also claim it's organic so that's a plus also. I just wanted more and it seemed as though the pizza needed more, again not sure if this is just my taste or not. I liked it so much I asked the morose girl behind the counter to get me a side of sauce and she obliged. If you are like me and love sauce, this stuff is worth drinking on it's own. Yum yum!
The Daiya cheese was nice and melty, and the large is actually large. I couldn't finish it all even though I tried. I recommend this place for the vegan who needs a break from cooking at home and wants a reasonably priced meal out.
Zpizza, please open a location closer to downtown Sacramento- thanks!
Otherwise I have to drive out to the land of gigantic trucks covered in famous stars and straps stickers and calvin peeing on stuff stickers.
Here's my ratings:
Pizza 4.5 Stars!
Service 3 stars!
Price 3-4 stars depending on if you have a coupon.
Location? 1 star - I don't like driving too far!

Eat lots! You need the fuel.
PS If you aren't local to Sacramento and want to eat 100% vegan Daiya make sure to ASK them first.
They don't use Daiya at all the locations! I'm sorta lazy on the vegan scale but for you next level herbivores, I don't want you to be led astray. Ask first ! :)

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  1. Wow that pizza looks amazing! I really enjoyed this post because although I'm not really a true vegan I am allergic to dairy so i'm always looking for a good healthy substitute. I wish there was a Zpizza where i live!

  2. Jessensia - it was really good! If you add zpizza on twitter you can message them. Who knows? Maybe they will open one up!
    Daiya is also on twitter and they are selling this stuff in new locations all the time.
    Thanks for reading!

  3. is the 'cheeze' good enough that you'd rather use it than just have a cheeseless pizza? I just had the Papa Murphy's vegetarian sans vheese and there was enough veggie variety + flavor that I surprisngly didn't miss the cheese (got it with red sauce). Have you been to Zelda's and gotten a veggie cheese-free pie? I love their crust!

  4. Regina - Zelda's - ugh everyone raves about that place but I am not a fan!
    I'm weird like that.

    This cheese has been a good hmm if Cheese = heroin, then this stuff is methadone, not quite as good but definitely good enough to help me wean :P

    Oh I love pizzas like that, and I find that this cheese - a little goes a long way. I'd love to eat one with a ton of veggies on it.

  5. well, Zelda's is a unique 'Za so I understand if you don't like it. More for me, I say!

    good analogy. My brother works right by that gluten store on J so maybe I'll sweet talk him into springing for some Daiya! Looks to be soy free...