Friday, March 18, 2011

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson - Leading By Example

I'm giving Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson props not because I voted for him (I didn't, I live across the river!) but because I enjoy seeing leaders lead by example. The mayor and Capitol Road Race Management's program "Miles With The Mayor" encourages runners to get off the couch and onto the streets with the promise of cool prizes for participating, and even more prizes for more participation. In addition, KJ has committed to running one race a month. How many civic leaders do you know that put their money where there mouth is when it comes to fitness?

Though I haven't been at a race in a while, I do remember seeing the mayor at other racing events, and even saw KJ out with his folks during my long runs leading up to CIM 2009. Yes, he was running, yes it was early! The extent of our interactions was a wave, but I digress.

My support for the mayor's running promotion isn't 100% about him as an individual per se, it's also me cheering on someone making an effort to do better. After all, isn't that what we runners are trying to do at least part of the time?

With video games, obesity, processed foods and so many more things standing in the way of health and happiness, it's refreshing to see strides being made towards true change. I salute you Mr. Mayor and wish you and the Miles With The Mayor program a success!


  1. Do I get extra points for beating the mayor's time? LOL. But I did think that was cool to hear his name called when he crossed the finish line at the Shamrock'n Half Marathon. Good for him!

  2. I think you get a tax credit, or a waiver from jury duty? :P As if right?
    Yeah I cannot help but be stoked on elected officials staying active and getting out there.
    I've never been to a Kings game or city council meeting, but I have seen KJ at numerous races either giving a little pep speech beforehand or participating. Here's to more mayors, city council folks etc. getting their running shoes on!