Monday, April 25, 2011

Riding On The West Sacramento Promenade Trail

West Sacramento River Walk Trail
Hope all of you had a joyous Easter ! After a Sunday of church, food, family and fun, I decided to burn off the excess calories and get out for a ride. A few days earlier we saw a sign announcing the new West Sacramento Promenade Trail so I decided to pedal over and check it out.

The River Walk is on the right hand side of this (now outdated) satellite photo.
The trail begins near River Cats stadium, on the south side of the bridge. There's construction going on right now at River Cats stadium so to get to it from Sacramento you'll have to cross over on the left hand side and from the Davis, West Sac side, you'll have to loop around the front of the stadium (Ball Park Drive) as the old 3rd street underpass has been crushed to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

The River Walk Trail as seen from the West Sac side.
On this trail I saw no less than four rabbits, ears perked as they hopped away from me and my bike. I also saw folks fishing, hostile geese (are there any other kind?!) and a homeless guy reading a library book. It's only a short distance but once completed will be a beautiful way for folks in South West Sac (ie Southport etc) to get downtown and vice versa.  I was lucky to see orange flowers along the side of the trail but you can't really see them in these shots.

facing north on the trail
This is the end of the trail near the freeway overpass. Eventually it will connect to paved roads.
There's also another river walk on the other side of the river, I took the bridge over and ventured down that one.That river walk also connects to a bike trail hitherto unknown to me which leads all the way down to Miller Park. Both of these trails are great for cycling or running, though there isn't very much shade on the West Sac side. The ride took me about  50 minutes and was a little over 8 miles. Not bad for a n00b! I'm hoping to ramp that mileage up as I get closer to commuting to work. In the meantime I am just thankful that I have another avenue to get my endorphin fix and another way of being outdoors and active. Thanks for reading and have a good week folks!
Confusing ideologies and lack of manners.
PS The only eyesore I encountered was this confusing piece of  'street art' from a Crowley fan with anti-Juggalo national socialist tendencies, or a drywall installer from Rio Linda. Perhaps, perhaps one and the same?


  1. Cool! Can't wait to check it out myself!

  2. I vote for the drywall installer from RL. LOL!

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  4. The trails on both sides of the river are great. Hope you are loggin your miles on