Sunday, September 25, 2011

#seenonmybike - social media and positivity on the Sacramento Parkway

I had a great ride today and it was made more great by the people and the graffiti I encountered along the Sacramento Parkway. Graffiti? Yes. Graffiti. For though I am not a fan of defacing public or private property, in this case it is a positive thing. Today as I went for a ride and saw a ton of people out on their bikes. Harkening back to my running days (which will return again, I have faith!) I waved at folks and received some back. Every runner I waved to at least waved or smiled, some did both! Waved to a few bigger guys in full on kits and they ignored me. What's up with that? When I came across this spray painted on the road, I stopped, turned around and went back to read it.

#seenonmybike this ode to #4square - I'll tell you the f... on Twitpic 

Yep. It was real alright, and here's when things got really awesome. I stopped to take the photo (and pulled over to the side so as to not block the trail) and not one, not two, but three groups of cyclists tapped their brakes to as ask me "you ok?" warmed my heart! Then an older fellow saw me and this conversation ensued "Yeah, it looks nicer now don't it?"
Err well, I guess? I'd rather no spray paint at all?
"oh, it was uglier before, take a gander at the pedestrian bridge, though some of that's been changed too"
I felt like we weren't really communicating but nodded and looked at the bridge, and then like the sun shining through the clouds it hit me - what was once hateful graffiti was covered over with clever and lighthearted improvisation. I won't even give the hatefulness any more attention, that is what they crave after all, I'll let you dear reader figure out what a square could have been. When I'm on my bike it's a good bet I'm smiling, today I rode home with a permagrin, and am still smiling sharing this with you. Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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