Thursday, December 17, 2009

More CIM Race Reports - Post Race Resting

Two Things! 1 Thoughts on post marathon 'blues' and 2 a listing of other CIM race reports :)

1 - I haven't been running much since the marathon, not because my leg doesn't feel great, it does! I'm just following the advice of sage people who have done this before and letting my body completely recuperate.
I have done 3 miles here and there, but obviously not big time double digit running.
I also haven't had any post race 'blues' for lack of a better term, after all I'm happy with my results, know exactly the reasons for said results, and know exactly what needs to be done to improve those results.
Now obviously the results aren't everything, I view every part of running to be the awesome part, from training to races to eating before hand, etc. everything! I love it all.

That being said, what are your plans for 2010? Runners and non-running lurkers - let me know!

Personally I accomplished everything I set out to do in 2009, and more! At the beginning of the year I had no idea I was going to go and do a marathon. I was just excited to train and take on a 10k. I did it and felt awesome, then got greedy and wanted to do a half. Met some new running friends in my failed attempt to procure entry into the ShamRockn, and then did a few 5ks and decided to do the American River Parkway.
It was a mixed bag of emotions, but overall a success. Somewhere in here, I saw the movie "The Spirit of The Marathon" and read "Ultramarathon man" and felt the lure of 26.2 call to me. I redeemed myself during my 2nd half the Cowtown and by then had set my sights on The Big Race. This next year I hope to do the following races.

Shamrockn Half Marathon - for sure. This was my first race EVER two years ago when I did my first 5k. I now get to run it as a half with all the knowledge of having run both two halfs and a full.

San Francisco Marathon - this is a possibility, not 100% yet! we willl definitely be there to ch eer on a friend, will I get to cheer her wearinga  bib? We'll see.

California International Marathon - I'm a glutton for punishment, and I want redemption!

Anything else I am missing? Let me know!

CIM Race Reports
Here are race reports from friends, online friends, and people I don't know but who I've at least interacted with online.
Holly is an awesome girl who ran with us the majority of the CIM and her and her friend Jenn were also first time marathon runners!

Greg is a local guy who blogs like a madman and is a Sacramento race regular.

Kristen follows my blog and I follow hers, another local Sacto superstar!

I don't know chicrunner but Amy got me into reading her blog because she's funny and has good tips on eating. I borrowed the PBnJ trick from her!

Here's a few more from the twitterverse, enjoy !

PS Here's a photo I should have posted a while ago, a sign Amy held up around mile err 8? Something like that


  1. Blogs like a madman? Not quite, my daily Twitter reports post like a madman, heh. Actually, I just like to post my training, but unfortunately, since I'm not training at present, it's been pretty bare.

    The next year? Last year I had such a blast running Shamrock'n that I simply must do it again. No choice there. For someone who decided to run my first marathon right around this time last year, I managed to run TWO marathons in 2010. It'd be real nice to do it again.

    Last year I missed the Shriner's run, and not only is it on a Saturday, but there's pancakes. Gotta love the pancakes!

    Then there are a few local Yuba/Sutter races that I might run, some 5k's. Fun stuff.

  2. Team Chastain and Team Galvan need to run a race together in 2010. Due to budget cuts I had to drop Woodside and Rucky Chucky. I'm focused on 4 races next year.
    Silver State 50k, TRT 50k, Squaw Mountain Run and Lake of the Sky 50k. And of course my Tahoe Rim Trail adventure. Wanna run a segment with me?

  3. congrats xjosex... sacramento is a tough race. I had a few friends a work this year do it, so they could qualify for boston. it sounded brutal. maybe next year.