Thursday, October 14, 2010

Loving Hut Review

Loving Hut - The Balloon is biodegradable. Plastic does biodegrade right
Loving Hut is a chain-ish line of vegan Vietnamese restaurants that offer yummy vegan eats and exist primarily to fund the cult religion of Supreme Master Ching Hai.  Recently we checked out the newest Northern California location at the soft launch of their Elk Grove location. I know that this is just tangentially running related but since I am a plant eater and all, I figured I'd share some of the places that I eat - you tell me if you;d rather hear me whine about my injuries ! The menus are not the same in every location, so while you might get a sandwich in San Francisco, it might not be available here. Not sure why but that's ok. I guess it does give us variety. We ordered some fried rolls and cold rolls. Both were a decent price and tasted awesome.
Cold Rolls
Fried Rolls
 After the rolls we ordered some Orange "Chicken" and some Broccoli "Beef". The beef is a pretty standard vegetarian dish.  You can get this same dish at Hings in West Sacramento or even Au Lac on Stockton Blvd for a lot less than what they have here. If however you are in South Sac/ Elk Grove I suppose you might spend as much driving to Oak Park! The orange chicken was great but I was left wanting more chicken. The portions are decent, not as skimpy as Andy Nguyens, not as generous as Hings or Ding How in Davis.
Orange Chicken
Oh! I almost forgot, we got some vegan orange cake that was delicious but oh so rich. The frosting was like biting into a tub of sugary earth balance. I'm not that into sweets so maybe I should have someone else review the goodies. In conclusion I'd give this place a 4 out of 5 simply for the price and the size of their portions. I thought that as they were just opening, they would go all out with the portions so I was a tiny bit disappointed.
If you are a nor cal reader and know of a good place to eat that's vegan or vegetarian, let me know! I am always excited to try new places to eat. Hope your long runs are great and fueled by good food!

Broccoli Beef

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  1. Wow, that looks sooo good! Not a vegan eater, but definitely leaning toward the heavy-veggie meals. (My hubby is a big time carnivore; doesn't think a meal is complete without some sort of meat.) Keep up the reviews, we are always looking for somewhere new to try!