Friday, November 19, 2010

The Road Back - Teese Mini-Review

Save yourself a copay, and print this image!

I went to my new physical therapist this week and received "official" instructions on what to do to get back in the game. Bottom line, lots of reps, low weight, and even more reps ! I also found out how bad my leg had atrophied as the PT measured the quad area with a tape measure about 4 inches above my knee. My left leg is currently 18 1/2", the right leg? 17 3/4" ! That's a lot of muscle loss, and if I am to run again without getting injured again and starting this whole horrible process over, I must get to at least 80% of the size and strength.This means a lot of reps, and a lot of eating to build up that muscle mass.  This dovetails nicely into my next topic, my mini-review of Teese vegan cheese! 
So for a while now, Daiya has been my "fake cheese" of choice, but a few weeks ago I had Teese for the first time and have been excited to try it on a pizza pie. We visited "Never Felt Better" in Sacramento the other day and this week we finally tried it. It is delicious! it's a mild flavor and light years away from vegan cheese technology of the mid 90s (remember those tofutti cheeses? yechhh)The only downside is that it's not quite as "melty" as Daiya, meaning it doesn't stay in a melted state for long. So once that pie comes out of the oven, gobble it down with a quickness!
100 % vegan, 200% delicious!
We (well, the Mrs.) made the pie with homemade sauce and crust. If we had a pizza oven the results might be different in regards to the meltability of the cheese. If you are in the greater Sacramento area, say hello to Jen and purchase some at Never Felt Better, then go downstairs to eat at Sugar Plum Vegan, and then head across the street to buy music at Phonoselect. There. Do I get a cupcake yet? :P

One final note , Earlier this week I got a great RT from the folks at Run Addict,  I had great fun responding, hope you enjoy a bit as well!


  1. Hey Jose, first time comment from me, but I just caught up on your knee stuff and I wanted to say that's great news! I am also a relatively new runner (couple of years), and out with a knee injury. So I'm familiar with the boredom of the elliptical, the PT exercises and all that. But how great that you have a plan of action now!

    I am also a new vegan (1.5 months), and only just delving into the world of fake cheese. So thanks for the review!

    Knee up ;-)

  2. Hi Jose, Wow we have the same leg issue. My left leg is significantly bigger and stronger than my right. I've been doing PT for a year to strengthen it (as well as my hip). Good luck with PT. It really works!