Monday, October 3, 2011

#seenonmybike - some things I've seen while riding around Sacramento

The #seenonmybike is a derivative of the ahem 'famous' #seenonmyrun tag, and I thought I'd take this moment to share a few sights from my rides around town. I'm not a serious cyclist, I stop, I take pictures, sometimes I will double back when I see things like a giraffe or weird graffiti.
These are things that are interesting to me. Enjoy these images from my world!

This is a homeless camp alongside the Sacramento River.
As the weather gets colder, these tents have become less and less commonplace.

The memorial is heartbreaking but hopeful.

Just a fisherman

Cyclists and vegans take note! You cyclists, they have a pump there and let you bring in your bike!
Useful if you don't have a lock with you! If you are a vegan, they have vegan donuts!.

This is near Miller Park. The sign warns people that killing or injuring cats is a crime.
To the left though you can barely make it out, are ramshackle beds for the strays that live here.
I've often wondered if their namesake, the Sacramento River Cats  help fund spaying  & neutering for these cats.
They are a Sacramento institution!

The fun part of my ride. This is our river walk in West Sacramento. To the left is the bridge leading into Sacramento.
The pyramid building and the new CALSTRS building are on the right.


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