Sunday, January 3, 2010

First longer run of 2010

6 slow mi in the Sacramento fog, saw 5k runners, homeless people and resolution runners. Holly and I took it slow but tried to get negative splits - my garmin's battery ran out so I'll get them later. First mile was rough - warmed up afterwards, this route we've been taking takes us from the Capitol to Discovery Park. Today we started a bit late since there was a 5k at the Capitol "the first 5k".

Here, me and Holly goof around after the race.

When we were done with our 10k we walked to the start of the race and cheered for fellow runners for a second while we walked back to our cars. It was fun to cheer people on and and to generate smiles out of participants, I tried to refrain from saying "You are almost there!" but may have slipped up and yelled it once. whoops!

Here's the leader of today's 5k

Injury update : My stubbed toe is still hurting, my blister on the right foot definitely needs to be bandaged up if I am to attempt more 6mi + runs. IT band is still holding up, I haven't been as diligent with rolling on the foam roller as I was before CIM, but I can definitely see that it has to be done. Still wearing my Pro-Tec band, it helps. First long run of 2k10 ! Hope you all have a great weekend, and a great year!

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