Thursday, January 28, 2010

Injuries Suck - AKA Know Your Limits!

You may or may not know that I'm a huge fan of punk, thrash, metal and all heavy music but I am, and while I rarely go to see shows two weeks ago I went to see one of my all time favorite bands in a craphole of a bar downtown. The mighty Agnostic Front did not disappoint!(see the video below, I'm in it for two seconds flailing around!) However, I ended up with a sore back due to roughhousing and shenanigans which two weeks later is threatening my half marathon training schedule. I'm taking a week off of running to see if this will help my back heal faster, and in the  meantime I'm going crazy!

I'd originally intended to do the Davis Stampede 10k since this was my first 'distance' rate way back about a year ago. Prior to this all I did was 5ks, so it was a big eye opener and got me addicted to pushing the limits and setting new goals. Now I'm going to sit the race out, recuperate, and keep my eye on the next prizes  - The West Sacramento ShamRock'n Half and the San Francisco Marathon.
Two awesome races which also hold sentimental value for me for different reasons.
The first because it was my first race ever (back whent he ShamRock'n also included a 5k) and the SF marathon because it's my original hometown. Injuries suck, but I have to know my limits and must resolve to not push through them. I have to learn from my mistakes and if I have learned anything from running half marathons and my first 26.2, injuries must be treated with time and patience. I've also learned that the rest and recovery during training is just as important as the running portion.

Some more music content : Here's a screen cap of my running playlist for my mid week runs and below that is video footage from Agnostic Front in Sacramento.
Run hard, mosh within reason, or it might throw off your running goals!

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