Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yesterday at work i ran my last miles and today I did my first run of the new year! Running in the peoples republic of Davis is great. The greenbelt is beautiful, green like the name implies and peppered with water stations err faucets.

Today I Spotted a jackrabbit,a news station employee snacking, and bleary eyed rent a cops as I trotted from home to Ikea and back. Took it really slow, I stubbed my left toe so it's still achy and also have a knot in my right hamstring that no matter what I do won't ease up. I might have to find a massage person to help out! It felt good to run yesterday and today not just for the daily mile update, but just to think and reflect back on last year and how far I've come in running. I'm excited for this year and putting everything I've learned into action, so far I'm tentatively doing - The Shamrockn Half Marathon - The San Francisco Marathon - California International Marathon and maybe a 10k or two somewhere in there. I ran on some dirt this morning and it got me to thinking that I'd really like to do some sort of trail action, but there aren't many events here. I hope everyone had a great new year celebration last night, and if anyone and I mean ANYONE is serious about starting to run or has made it a resolution to run- let me know and I will help as much as I can even if it just means moral support :) Happy 2010!

Wearing this shirt always makes me feel more legit :)

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