Friday, July 23, 2010

Going For It

Going for it is running and running is going for it. Whether we are an average Jose or Jane or an elite athlete, we are going for it. From the lowliest jogger making the transition to "getting in shape" to the ultra running monsters doing Western States and Badwater - we/they are all going for it! Injured runners mourn their days off, and even the process of RICE and healing is going for it. Runners read everything they can on running, books, magazines, twitter feeds, dailymile entries, this quest for knowledge is going for it.

How many times have we heard the excuses "it's too hot" "it's too cold" "it's too dark" "it's too bright" for not running? How many times have we seen fellow non-runners tell us about resolutions, diets, promises to get out there only to have them not follow through.

Running is the incarnation of the thought "I should get off the couch" and actually DOING it. Be proud if you count yourself amongst this demographic, most people don't get this far!

I'm at peace now with  my decision to run in the 5k at the San Francisco Marathon this Sunday because that's my way of going for it. I could stay home, but I can't. I will feel better knowing I'm moving forward even though this 5k will NOT be a PR! I'm viewing it as a starting over point, a baseline and a celebration of my  return (albeit painful) to running. I'm going to be there to run a small race, cheer on my friends, bang on my Cowtown 1/2 Marathon Cowbell, eat delicious food, and be a part of everyone going for it.
If you aren't going for it, start today, and if you are tapering, have a great race on Sunday!

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