Thursday, July 15, 2010

Motion is Murder

I used to be a runner, but eventually I stopped. Today I heartily enjoy video games, DVDs, my DVR, siestas, naps, resting, sitting, lounging, chilling and relaxing.

This is why it is so gratifying to read the following headline:

Finally! Some science based affirmation that will take the edge off the guilt as I sit down again to another day of sloth! Twitter, facebook, and more . If I'm lazy and sedentary with one medium, why not be lazy with all?

Now what would really be awesome is a headline like this:
"Sitting down makes you more of an internet sensation than the dude in the Old Spice commercials"
Till then, leave me alone, I'm going to sleep in my office after all, if God had intended for us to run, why'd he give us automobiles?

PS If you didn't get it! This is a tongue in cheek response to this very silly nonsensical post:

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