Friday, July 2, 2010

Knee Update: "Monster Month"

Monster month for the non-injured runner is usually filled with lots of mileage, lots of eating, lots of excitement and pushing personal limits (I've never run this far before in my life!). For me it's been a lot of eating and sitting around! Here's my update: at the recommendation of my Dr. I got x-rays of my knee. He reviewed the images and let me know that I still have internal swelling but would regain range of motion once the swelling went down. I'm thankful it's not something serious! My routine for weeks has been to take ibuprofen 3x a day, as well as vegan glucosomine MSM 3x a day. I've also been aggressively icing and I think that's helped out, by aggressively I mean several times a day instead of just two or three times a day which is what I was doing the first week or so! I am to the point where I can walk now without too much of a limp, and can play with my kids! This is a huge plus for me and them. I can tire them out so they can sleep well, this helps me and the Mrs. out because then we rest well. Win win all around!

So what does no running for weeks do to you? I was cranky at first, then resigned. I have had minor setbacks (went to the gym once, went to see Iron Maiden, that's a whole nother post!)  I've gained about a 1/2 lb at most ! I don't believe it but the scale doesn't lie. I've also been sitting around eating Soy Ice "Cream" like it's going to disappear from the face of the earth with no ill effects except for maybe some brain freeze. My sleeping patterns have been about the same, though I don't sleep as well. I also wake up and one of my first thoughts is 'darn it, it's still achy' then I think 'oh! but it's LESS achy!' so - glass is half full? I'll say so.

Looking ahead - my short term goal is to run this weekend two miles, if I can do that I will be ecstatic!
The Mrs. is beginning her 1/2 marathon training and she's already left my mileage in the dust, which is a good thing again a win win for everyone.
If you aren't injured and are a runner, get out there today or tomorrow and do a mile for me!

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