Monday, July 5, 2010

So I Ran This Weekend

22 days until the San Francisco Marathon and I did a whole whopping 1.77 miles!
The Mrs. is training for a half, and  I was invited along for a few. I was so excited to do the pre-run ritual the night before of getting my gear ready. I'm very easily amused and ittle things like that get me excited. I woke up and waited for her to return and we set off down the street. How did it feel? Every time my right foot hit, it felt as though a tiny man with a heavy rubber mallet was inside my knee smacking it from the inside out. After a mile or so I told myself  "just wait till you warm up, you'll feel better" and continued to shuffle along - no dice. It did feel awesome to be out again, but it did not feel awesome to wince with every step. It also didn't feel awesome to 'run' so slowly! To put things in perspective, my 5k PR is 27.14 and I did half that distance in 26.47 ! At the least I have a better idea of where I am healing wise, and because I am an optimist, I'm excited that walking is pain free, even if running isn't.  Hope you had a great Independence Day!

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  1. =( Sorry to hear your recovery is going slower than you had hoped. You will be back up and running and totally grateful for it in no time!