Saturday, November 7, 2009

10 miles of fun in fog and sun

10 mi / 01:50 11:00 pace

Running in the fog while wearing a cyclopean headlight is fun! Wiping away the sweat + fog droplets till finally giving up and removing my glasses is not quite as fun. I've learned a few things this last week
1 - recovering from runs in the 20 mile range require more than a day for me. Last Monday I forced myself to run, but I should have just gone swimming or done an easier, slower, run. My legs never got a chance to 100% recover. I can't believe I thought I was going to do 22 this week!
2 - I pushed myself today to see how fast I could go, RRP and all that - I ended up between 10-10:30 at the beginning of the run, took a few walkbreaks/shoe adjustment breaks/water refill breaks (some a combination of 2 or 3 of these) I should have gone a tiny bit slower let's say 10:30-11 throughout. Because I have not yet mastered the art of locking into a pace I always veer wildly fast and slow - and when I go fast I go way too fast (for training anyways) I finished at a decent time today, but there's no way I should start out that fast come race day.
3 - right foot still aches a bit where the pre-blister is, I just need to tighten that shoe up and dedicate a 3mile run to adjusting shoes and getting it just right. When I was at the Roseville FF, they didn't put these on and lace them up for me, but when I bought my first pair at the Sacto FF - they did. That might be the difference because these are the exact same shoes and my feet haven't changed THAT much in a few months!

The headlight is courtesy of my wonderful motherinlaw, who got me this contraption so I can run handsfree and scare the dickens out of people. Regular readers might know that I enjoy saying hello to each and every person I encounter while running, today I startled homeless persons, sleepy bus stop nappers, and the drunk guy outside the donut shop who managed to simply utter a "gruhh" when I turned my head to face him and say "HI!"
By the time I got to Capitol Mall, the fog had lifted a tiny bit. 4th street was a surreal scene, crows everywhere squawking, patches of fog and daylight peeking through, and the moon still out. I don't know why I didn't take a photo then instead of the porta potty tipped onto a car.
I felt good throughout the run, achy but never completely into the "I can't go any further department" but I definitely should have been in a lot better shape after running 20 miles last week. I will baby my legs this week to get ready for the 22-23 miles this coming week.
I said hi to a guy in sweats and a tshirt and he returned with a "good morning!" I did a doubletake and realized it was none other than Mayor Kevin Johnson, I remembered my manners and shouted "oh - and congratulations!" saw a lot more runners on the way back home and did the last 3 with no wbs.
I can't believe I am doing my marathon in less than a month. I just shuddered!
1 10:38
2 10:37
3 11:16
4 11:16
5 10:43
6 10:30
7 12:41
8 10:27
9 11:00
10 10:58

Have a great weekend guys!

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