Sunday, November 29, 2009

One Week Away!

My leg is now almost up to 100% ! Yesterday I went to the gym, did some walking on the treadmill to baby it and after warming up (yes you can warm up walking! I put on a TON of incline) I swam for about half an hour then soaked in the spa for a bit. During my swim I also did some running in the pool. This always gets me funny looks but - honestly if I cared about that I would not be into running. Have you seen the things we runners wear? :P
Now -we are at the week away point and I'm up early before everyone else in my home. These last six months I've had a routine -long runs on the weekend with me up at 4:30 AM or so to either put down miles by myself or with my friend Steve. I woke up early today with a tickle in my throat, and wondering how long I should run for and over thinking whether or not I've run enough!
So many questions - should I run a longer run? Just more shorter runs? I have one more week...
(click on the image for the larger version)

One more week, 7 more days and then I get to see the results of 6 months of training.
All of this over-analyzing is brutal, 'taper-itis' 'tapernoia' 'taper syndrome' etc. I want to just run!


  1. I vote for more shorter runs, keeping moving, rolling and massaging and ART. You've put in the training, you did all the long runs, you just need to relax and you'll be ready this weekend!

  2. I ended up doing a shorter run today :)
    Only 5 miles but it felt great...Thanks for the heads up Holly and see you next week!