Sunday, November 29, 2009

5 miles 55 minutes

I compromised and did 5 miles to see just how my right leg held up and - while it wasn't 100% pain free, it felt decent if I was 1) on level ground and 2) going at a comfortable pace.
I tried to slow down but it was so tough to not just go for it!
I tested my race outfit, goofy I know but you know - gotta test everything.
The band felt ok - and I think if I slow down I will do just fine.

Things I saw on this run
- a lady with pink hair living out of her car and re-arranging everything in the trunk
- a bus stop that fell over thanks to the wind
- two homeless dudes drinking beer near the railroad tracks
I'm feeling good about next week and taking it easy, there's no need for me to push it. 7 Days! I hope your Sunday is awesome!
Oh yeah splits
1 10:33
2 11:11
3 11:14
4 11:40
5 10:40

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