Friday, November 27, 2009

Run To Feed The Hungry Wrap Up

What a fun race! I paced the Mrs. so she could try and beat her PR and was hesistant about running and getting back past the 1 mile mark. I don't know why I worry so much, my IT band felt achy - but not debilitating. My right leg hamstring was acting up a bit but once I got running everything felt great. I didn't even notice the band on my leg! Temperature was warm, I think wearing the jacket was too much. So many people, and so many people that don't listen to directions!
The walkers/untimed participants had yellow bibs and on the back of the bib it specifically said "do not go into this staging area" but there they were! Strutting on in with strollers, backpacks, lawnchairs etc. Ok maybe I'm exaggerating about the lawnchairs during the race - but these guys were definitely there!

The race had two (well really three) components.
Timed 5k/10k/runners and walking/running/rolling untimed participants. These folks were awesome because hey -every person that paid an entry fee was helping out a great cause. Unfortunately, these folks also sort of got in the way of the folks who really wanted to run. Even with the wide course and the delayed start (the 10k started first and the 5k started 20 minutes or so later) it was still a packed madhouse.
I felt great afterwards and my wife didn't make her PR but I still consider it an overall success for both of us.
It was a ton of fun to run together, and she told me afterwards that I needed to push her more, whereas I thought I was being too pushy and castigating her for walk breaks etc. I'm fond of saying any run is better than not running and this is definitely true for this run. Last year I got my PR in the 5k here, this year I was just excited to run relatively pain free!
PS There were multiple llamas at the race. Why? I don't know - but here's proof!

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  1. Haha, I got a kick out of the llamas! Still can't figure out why they were there.