Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 2 - No Running. Massage and Fleet Feet(s)

So yesterday I went to Fleet Feet Sacramento to check out the training day and ask questions for Amy. I also saw on their facebook status that they were offering "Free Injury Assessment " so Hustled on down to check it out. No dice. The doctors were there early in the day but I missed out. I did see Heather(who fitted me in the spring) there so told her about my injury and she confirmed what I had dreaded/suspected. IT band. She swore that she thought I needed a support shoe, and even offered to refit me once I was healed up and offered to take back my 1063s. I shrugged and nodded but really I was just mad at myself for running so long on my leg.
They were out of foam rollers, but she did explain the use of an IT band 'belt' that wraps around the knee. I thanked her and came home. 

Today I went to Fleet Feet Davis and got a nice foam roller, spoke with a different Heather there, and got almost identical advice. She suggested I get my wife angry and have her massage my knee! Pretty good advice and definitely doable :P
Amy was a doll and set up an appointment for me to get a massage in Davis. This was my first massage ever and I was a bit apprehensive.Zipped there right after work, got my massage, it was painful but felt awesome and I felt a glimmer of hope afterwards like "ok this might work"
We'll see right?

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